Handler Merit Award

The GSDL Working Branch also support a Handler Merit Scheme on the following basis:

Bronze award to handlers qualifying – 2 dogs from BH through to IPO3
Silver award to handlers qualifying – 3 dogs from BH through to IPO3
Gold award to handlers qualifying – 4 dogs from BH through to IPO3

For the handler merit scheme handlers should send the dogs name and brief details (copy of record book/results downloaded from website) to National Events Coordinator for registration.

Bronze (2) Silver (3) Gold (4)
Mike Baverstock Ron White Dougie Bannerman
Susan Beel Henriette Bohnstedt Chris Bows
Colin Blake Joanne Bridge Richard James
Agnes Crawford Steve Dunn Dorothy Luking
Trevor Ellis Ken Foster Eric Roberts
Paul Flanagan Don Harrison  Travis Foster
Helen Geen Gavin Smith  Jackie Bailey
Maria Hendry Alison Lawrence
Tony Hutton
Jim Jackson
Ian James
Dave John
Phil Kenyon
Gary Khakhian
Dave Martin
Thomas Nye
Carol Phillips
Sue Scott
Brian Sincock
Pawel Skuza
Bryan vanDaal
Brian Walden
Pat Woods
Evie Meechan
Fiona Allardice
Becky Lyons
Mary Wellwood

If you feel that you should be on this list or you find any errors please let us know!