KC Announcement: GSD Change of Name

At its meeting on 12th October 2010, the General Committee of the Kennel Club agreed that the word ‘Alsatian’ would be removed from the Kennel Club’s formal name for the breed with immediate effect.

This decision constitutes an amendment to Kennel Club B(A) Regulations and has arisen following a thorough consultation process with all German Shepherd Dog (GSD) clubs.

The Kennel Club wrote to all registered GSD breed clubs and breed‐specific training clubs on June 14th, outlining a proposal to remove the word ‘Alsatian’ from the formal name and requesting that all responses be received by a closing date of 31st August. A press release was also issued advising of this consultation period.

Taking into account submissions received, the Kennel Club noted that 21 clubs had approved the proposal and that four were against. In addition there were two objections to the proposal received from individuals. A number of clubs failed to respond.

The results of the consultation were then considered by the General Committee, which concluded that the response indicated that a large majority of clubs who were interested in the issue supported the move.

The Kennel Club wishes to clarify that there is no requirement for any club to remove the word ‘Alsatian’ from its title unless it chooses to do so, in which case it should apply to the Kennel Club in the normal way. The breed name will however be amended in due course on all Kennel Club documentation and within its online services and website, though this is expected to take a period of time to process fully.

ENDS19 October 2010[385.10]

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