National Championship

The GSDL Working Dog Group National Championships 2016 will be hosted by Team Marches Club on 29/30 October 2016

Venue: Shenstone, Kidderminster

Judge: Jens-Peter Flugge SV

Helpers: Danny Roberts and Paul Rekert

Track layers: Dougie Bannerman & Danny Roberts

Tracking Manager: Gavin Smith
Trial Manager:  Shirley Hutchinson
Trial Secretary:  Lorraine Foster, 57 Kyngston Road, West Bromwich,  B71 4DX
Tel: 07973 320 413
Tracking will be on grass.  Hides and jumps will be red in colour, made by Raddog.

An entry form can be downloaded here

Entries close 17 October 2016.

Criteria for entry to the Nationals is per the Nationals standing criteria on the website as at 17 October 2016.

National Championship Winners

Year Dog Handler Total Pts Judge Helper (S) Helper (L)
1992 Woodend’s Dark Lord J Sneddon 279 B Behan
1993 Fonzak of Callanway E Roberts 271 B Eckhart K Tuin F Lambell
1994 Gayville Astra D Crawford 269 M Gut H Eiben J Taylor
1995 Regensburg Exel S Reidy 278 L Vanderpoel R van der Berghe M Heyvaert
1996 Regensburg Exel S Reidy 280 F Heghmans G Peacock J Taylor
1997 Vorhanden Jeck C Bows 271 M D’hooge P Gavin R deJong
1998 Lothar v Boombos J Jackson 266 H G Voss D Hague T Nye
1999 Stebara Dino J Fairfull 264 G Lanfer J Mitchell D Moody
2000 Stebara Dino M Robson 279 G Zum Felde J Mitchell I James
2001 Stebara Dino M Robson 279 L Vanderpoel M Leirs V Honselaar
2002 Latchets Tiquila R James 288 W Rapien K Sullivan T Holzkamper
2003 Latchets Tiquila R James 274 P Konig I James T Nye
2004 Robbosline Arnie C Bows 277 D Schmale D Roberts P Kenyon
2005 Diego v Huize Joris D Bannerman 281 E Ecker T Lawrence I James
2006 Robbosline Arnie C Bows 279 G Diegel V Honselaar R deJong
2007 Beckenberry Jaegar H Bohnstedt 283 T Lapp I James C Goodridge
2008 Diego v Huize Joris D Bannerman 273 H Grube B Wincott C Goodridge
2009 Bandit v Houthtrack G Tordoff 279 U Stolpe J Bows C Goodridge
2010 Beckenberry Casper H Bohnstedt 280 HD Traeger D Roberts S Wolsoncroft
2011 Beckenberry Casper H Bohnstedt 284 E Mannes N Koskinas S Wolsoncroft
2012 Sepp v. Haus Silma P Flanagan 291 P Schwarz D Roberts S Wolsoncroft
2013  Vongraf Nabal  N Warman  262  H Grube  L Hartley D Roberts
2014 Hero vom Luberg A Woods  274  G Diegel D Roberts N Koskinas
2015 Vongraf Orpah Richard Acton  272 J Jackson M Rigby D Roberts