Criteria for Joint Selection & WUSV Entry

These items must be provided to the WUSV Team Captain, Alison Lawrence

Your Passport

A copy of your passport which must include the front page to prove you are a UK citizen and a copy of the photo page


JPG passport sized photo of you for the catalogue.  You can have your dog in the photo too but it must be clearly you

Utility bill

If you are a non UK Citizen.  This is needed to prove your home address


5 generation pedigree,  If this is not a UK KC pedigree all pages must be provided.

Score Book

The copy must include the front page with the dog’s details and the page with the qualification score and Joint Selection score.

Passport & Rabies Vaccination Certificate

Copy of the dogs details page and the rabies jab date

Insurance Document

Home insurance is not acceptable.

BVA Hip Scores

Hip and elbow scores and BVA results sheets

Kennel Club Ownership Document

This must show your BVA hip and elbow scores are recorded by UK KC

‘A’ Stamp

Pedigree document with ‘A’ stamp recorded.  This is mandatory from 2020 onwards.

Note:  All dogs and bitches for entry must be entire.  Dogs must have two normal and descended testicles.

You must have a score of 80/80/80 minimum 250 at IPO3 in your score book in the current year either at home or away