Previous Club Results

All the information about our historic club trials

Progress Table

Each year the clubs within the GSDL WB are awarded points for each trial they hold and each member who enters and qualifies at a trial during the year.  At the end of each year a trophy is awarded to the Most Active Club.

The club activity for this year can be viewed through this link to the spreadsheet.

The analysis for this will run from January to December each year.

The table below shows previous winners.

Club Year
North Shropshire IPO Club 2016
North Shropshire Club 2015
White Rose Schutzhund Club 2014
Team Marches Dog Sport 2013
Team Marches Dog Sport 2012
Severnside Schutzhund Club 2011
Bolton Schutzhund Club 2010
South Cheshire Schutzhund Club 2009