Information for competitors

Competitors meet at Team Marches (DY10 4LA) no later than 7.45am on Saturday for the draw.

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Nationals schedule of Events 2017

Friday 1pm – 3pm Competition Field available for informal obedience practice only.

Jump, A frame, dumbbells all available. One hide for the down stay available.

Saturday 7.30am Competition Ground opens

7.45am All competitors to meet at Team Marches for ID check and running order draw

8.20am Competitors 1-10 travel to tracking ground

9am Tracking commences at tracking grounds and obedience practice for competitors 11-20

10am Competitors 11-15 travel to tracking ground

11am Competitors 16-20 travel to tracking ground

1.30pm Helper Run Through with Judge

2pm Protection Practice

4.30pm Competition Field Closes


Sunday 8.00am All competitors to meet at Team Marches

8.30am Obedience Phase –running order as for tracking

Lunch Half hour break

Afternoon Protection Phase – running order as for tracking

End of Day Presentation of Awards

All scheduled times are to be adhered to, in the event of major, unforeseen circumstances the trial manager reserves the right to amend the programme schedule. Competitors will be kept informed throughout the weekend via the public address system but it is their responsibility to present themselves on time for practise sessions and competition phases.