New Guidelines for WUSV Championships:
  • Future procedure for the medical check-up of dogs registered for WUSV championship events
Ladies and Gentlemen:
Today, we would like to inform your about the taking effect of a new requirement for the participation at WUSV championship events which will apply from January 01, 2016 on.
On March 20, 2015 the board of directors of the WUSV decided that for all dogs to be registered for the participation at WUSV championship events – i.e. the WUSV-World Championship, the WUSV Universal Championship and the future WUSV Tracking Dog Championship – the verification of an examination of the hips and elbows has to be shown in the pedigree. The year 2015 shall be considered a transitional period and only serve as a recommendation. From January 01, 2016 this new guideline shall be legally binding. Dog owners who fail to provide the proof required will be excluded from the respective event. The x-ray examinations may be carried out in the respective countries of origin of the animals.
In this connection we would also like to once again point out and emphasize the relevant rules and provisions in terms of the IPO. If a dog’s condition does not allow for his or her participation in the desired event the head judge is obliged to suspend the animals from the game respectively competition. If it becomes obvious that an animal is in pain this also entails the suspension respectively exclusion from the event. Please be explicitly advised that it is not allowed to administer medication in order to achieve relief from pain to the effect that the dog can still participate or to increase the animal’s performance. In case that it becomes obvious that this provision was not complied with, this will likewise lead to a suspension from the event.
Update: Meeting post championship WUSV 2015 in Lahti Finland.
Dr. Wolfgang Tauber Head Judge and WUSV Vice President offers some general comments on the championship. He informs the party present that the implementation of an additional fitness test is planned and which shall take place prior the competition and will comprise a jump on table featuring a height of approximately 80 centimeters. Also, a certificate regarding the conditions of the hips and elbows will be required as an attempt to avoid the attendance of sick dogs.