The GSDL-WDG and North West IPO would like to thank all sponsors who have generously provided sponsorship for the All Breeds /GSD National Championship.

Main Sponsor Josera Dog Food

Trophy Sponsors
Overall Winner – Kevin and Julie West
2nd Place – Terri Wright
3rd Place – The Pack Life

1st Place GSD – Superdog Natural
2nd Place GSD – KML Accident Repair Centre Middleton
3rd Place GSD – KML Accident Repair Centre Middleton

Best Track – Carol and Andy Phillips
Best Obedience – Castle Dog Sports Club
Best Protection – Alan Price

Best Escape Bite (to be picked by the short work helper) – Ashton Carter Demolition
Best Long Flight (to be picked by the long work helper) – National Dog Training Centre

Sponsorship of the helpers and tracklayers The Rising Sun Public House Bredbury
Article Sponsor Von Wolf Dog Training Supplies